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Navigating the intersection of Profit and Sustainability for investors

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Traditional investment paradigm focuses primarily on profit; for the company and for the investor.  While this method has made many people very rich, it has not served the planet very well.  Quarterly earnings guidance creates a straight jacket for the C-Suite and the Board of Directors who fear shareholder reprisal if forecasts are not met.  
We feel this is terribly short-sighted. 

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) focuses primarily on the planet and her people, negatively screening out companies, like fossil fuel, that do harm.  Unfortunately, this can put profit on the proverbial back-burner.  It is also incredibly slow and difficult to find the required information about companies who are portfolio candidates. It is no wonder that after 20 years, SRI investments account for only $3 trillion, less than 10%, of the $41 trillion investment pool.
We feel this is a fantastic opportunity.

The required paradigm shift of investment methodology can only occur when the requirement of profit is seamlessly integrated with the requirements of a resource constrained, overpopulated world.  Everything we do at investorMetrix is focused on navigating the intersection of profit and sustainability.  Our consulting practice helps institutional investors integrate externalities into their investing practice.  Our research and blogging highlights successful examples of investing for both profit and sustainability.  Our Cloud-based software, the iMx Technology Suite, creates a pathway to efficiently bring together all of the criteria that go into making an investing decision.  

We are laser focused on navigating the intersection of profit and sustainability for investors.

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